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VanGorden 5th Graders' Gingerbread Village Project

VanGorden 5th Graders' Gingerbread Village Project


VanGorden's 5th grade gifted group has almost completed their gingerbread village project in which they practiced finding the area, surface area, and volume of structures, all while using precise metric measurements to the nearest tenth of a centimeter! They designed then constructed both urban and suburban buildings like a skyscraper, a hospital, Costco, a church, Chick-Fil-A, and even a nuclear power plant and reactor! Students learned how to make homemade royal icing and took turns measuring and mixing the ingredients needed to bring their blueprints to life. There's a lot going on in the bustling metropolis of VanGordenville! 

These 5th graders had the chance to show off their creations at an open house attended by HUNDREDS of their classmates yesterday. What a great way to put their understanding of surface area, volume and metric measurement to the test, not to mention collaboration and project management skills.

Gifted Intervention Specialist Amy Alexander: "The agency and growth I witnessed, as well as the sense of accomplishment and pride I heard from them weekly, was transformative!"





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